"Our goal is to facilitate a truly impactful and mutually beneficial long term relationship with the earth and our farmers."

our family

Hallowed Grounds is a social enterprises dedicated to working alongside small-holder rural farming communities and our partner brokers and roasters in creating meaningful long-term value. For our partner clients we strive to provide the highest quality products that provide the greatest good for both people and planet and providing a unique and meaningful connection and experience with the source of the product. For our partner communities we strive to create cultural, social and environmental resilience and economic empowerment through education, transparency, micro-financing, and infrastructure investment.

history of our founders

Hallowed Grounds was born and inspired by the deep rooted passion and commitment to social justice from the founders of CONAPROMEX and Mayan Winds Legacy LLC, Juan Loera and Esther Diaz Gomez. Juan first came to Southern Mexico in 1997 from his birthplace of California where he was called to return to his roots to live and work alongside his people. Later in Amatan, Chiapas he would meet his wife Esther and together they saw the potential of coffee to be the driving force for economic empowerment and social change for the under-served and oppressed rural communities. In 2000, they created the cooperative CONAPROMEX with 57 founding members, a few which are now deceased but 90% of which are still active and exemplary members today. In 2004, Mayan Winds Legacy LLC was created to further the interests of their growing partner members and their communities. In 2014, Kyo-Jean Simon Chung would work with and later spend 3 inspired months with Juan and Esther through the opportunity afforded by a past partner organization. Today we are 3,000 members and affiliates strong and quickly growing.